Want to add custom branding to your Formli?

How it works

Custom branding feature allows people to show their own branding on the Formli. Each user can set a name of the brand, upload a logo and add the website. Clicking on the branding on responder side will send a person to brand website.

Our Custom branding feature allows you to show your own branding on Formli:

  • Organization Name - Set your organization name (and browser title if you are using our whitelabel domain feature)
  • Account Logo - Upload your own logo (and browser favicon if you are using our whitelabel domain feature)
  • Clickthru URL - Redirect your visitors to your home site if they click on branding

Setup Guide

Step 1 - Add your branding assets

1. Go to Account Settings

2. Click on Branding

3. Type in the Display Name you would like to use

4. Type in the Clickthru URL

5. Upload a .png, .svg, .jpg or gif file  (You can resize the image using the drag bar)

6. Click Save Changes when you’re done

Step 2 - Turn on custom branding on Formli

1. Go back to the home page of your Formli

2. Open the Formli for which you want to show the branding

3. Click on Edit Settings

4. Turn on the Add custom branding Toggle

5. Click Save Changes

Step 3 - View Custom Branding

1. Go back to the Formli homepage

2. Click view

Done! Now your responders will see your own branding