Want to add media to a block in your Formli ?

How it works

  • Difference between Media and Background (show visuals)
  • Media is added on "Media tab"
  • The Media Settings (opacity, merge media, media layout) are in a drop down menu in the  regular settings tab between Background Settings and Display Goal & Metrics

Here you can change the media layout to full screen or fit-to-size, what color the media color overlay is, the percentage of opacity, and even merge media from a different Formli.

Setup Guide

Step 1 - After making a new block, go to Media tab and select media

1. Click the Media tab in Formli details

2. Click Upload to upload a jpg, png, gif or video - (or click Video  to upload a new recording)

3. Click on Save Changes  after choosing your media from the file explorer

4. After your media appears in the Preview panel, Go to the Settings tab

Step 2 - Adjust your media settings

1. The Media Settings can be found in the Settings tab between Background Settings and Display Goal & Metrics.

2. Click the chevron to expand setting options.

Media Layout
Here you can change the media layout to full screen or fit-to-size

Media color overlay
Here you change the color of the overlay from black to whatever hex color code you'd like. You can find the free google color code by simple going to google - in this example I chose a pink hex color code causing a pink overlay on the media

Overlay opacity
With the overlay opacity you can change how much you want the overlay color to show.

The default with this will always be at 20%, but it can be changed from 1 - 100 %

Merge media
Use media uploaded from other Formli responses as unique backgrounds of this Formli. If no media exists, your chosen background will be used as a fallback.