How can you add a social share icon to your Formli?

How it works

Wouldn't it be awesome to give responders an easy way to share your Formli on social media? We have an optional social share menu that can be added from the Formli Settings.

Some details:

  • It's not turned on by default
  • It's set Formli by Formli (can be off on internal forms but on for public ones!)
  • Has options for Facebook, Twitter, and Email

Setup Guide

Step 1 - Turn on Social Share

1. Select Edit Settings in your Formli

2. Go to the Add social share toggle and turn it on

3. Click Save Changes (otherwise the social share menu will not appear when viewing)

Step 2 - Confirm on the Responder Side

1. Go back to the Formli Detail page and click View

2. Look for the social share icon in the right side of the screen when viewing your Formli

Now that you have social share turned on, responders can share the link in one click on Facebook, Twitter, and email.

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