Transition responders to different places depending on their multiple choice selection.

How it works

Formli has a few different transition options (next, go-to, redirect, and submit). With a Multiple Choice or Yes/No Block, you can use conditional transitions to have multiple unique transitions contingent upon responders' selections. This guide will show the setup of a Multiple Choice Block with four transitions.

Setup Guide

Step 1 - Create a Multiple Choice Block

1. Click + New Formli button on the home page, or + Add New Block on the Formli builder

2. Select Multiple Choice in the “Block Type” drop-down

Step 2 - Fill in Block details

1. Enter the Multiple Choice options. For this example, the options are explicit about what transition should be applied to each option: 'Next', 'Go To', 'Redirect', and 'Submit'.

👉 Note! be sure to leave the check OFF for "Allow more than one selection". Allowing multiple selections will disable the conditional transition.

Step 3 - Save the Block

1. Press Save Changes

2. While it’s possible to use conditional transitions for just one Block, we’ve added a Yes/No Block  so that the "Next" and "Submit" options will have different functionality

Step 4 - Designate the conditional transitions

1. Click  Next  at the bottom of the Block. You can also do this on the Formli overview page.

2. Select Conditions from the drop down menu

3. Select the specific transition for each multiple choice option: Next, Redirect, Go To and Submit. By default, conditionals are set to "Next".

4. Click Save Changes

Nice! Responders will now have a distinct Formli journey based on their answer to the multiple choice question.