How it works

Formli enables you to receive payment through Stripe. First, create a Payment Block. You’ll then be prompted to create/connect your Stripe account. Once your Stripe account is connected, all Payment Blocks in your Formli account will use this account to collect payments and process payouts.

There are two ways to connect to Stripe after making a Payment Block: click on the blue status bar on the Formli page, or visit “Account Settings”.

See both options below.

👉🏻 For a walkthrough of creating a Payment Block see this guide.

Setup Guide

Connect to Stripe through Formli via blue status bar

1. Click connect with Stripe in the blue bar on the Formli page

2. Arrive on the “Integrations” page

Connect to Stripe through account settings

1. Go to your Formli dashboard, select your profile icon, then choose Account settings

2. Select Integrations

3. Select Stripe

Step 3 - Choose Stripe account type

Here, you’ll be prompted to create or connect a Stripe account.

Express Accounts are the fastest and easiest way to sign up, get paid, and manage your transactions.

Standard Accounts feature a fuller dashboard, more user controls, and provide a single account that can be shared across platforms.

If you already have a Stripe account, you can connect it via the Stripe Standard option. If not, Stripe will walk you through their account setup. After Stripe verifies your information, you will be ready to receive payments through Formli.

Once your account is connected, a green check will appear beside the Stripe logo.