Create a templated Formli that will be populated with Responder information from another Formli

How it works

Using Merge Fields and the go-to transition, you can create templated Formli that are waiting to be populated with information from the responders of your first (intake) Formli.

While templates can be effective for many use cases, including large fundraising campaigns, we’ll be creating unique digital flyers for lost cats.

Setup Guide: Lost cat flyer template

Step 1 - Create the intake Formli

The first Formli will collect information that can then be used to create shareable variants of the second (templated) Formli.

In this example, we will use one free response block to collect the cat's name, a Data Fields Block to collect information about the nominator, and another free response block to collect an image of the cat.

1. Create the first Block

2. Press Save

3. Create the second block (click + Add New Block) and make a Data Fields Block requesting the nominators information.
Select relevant fields: "Full name", "Phone", and "City"

4. Press Save Changes

5. Create the third Block: a Free Response Block with only "File upload" selected.In the Block Prompt, merge in the cat's name from the first Block in the Formli.

6. Press Save Changes

Step 2 - Create the second (templated) Formli

The second Formli will be a Content (no response) Block that will feature the responder’s generated information.

👉🏽 For more details on using merge fields, see here

1. Create the Content (no response) Block.
In the Block Prompt, merge the relevant information from the intake Formli.
’Have you seen {{Merge Cat’s name}} around {{Merge City}} ? If so please call {{Merge Full name}} at {{Merge Phone Number}}’

2. Press Save Changes

3. Merge the media from the intake Formli by going to the Media Settings

4. Use the drop-down menu to use the Merge Media Selector

5. Press Save changes

Step 3 - Set Go-to Transition from First to Second Formli

1. Return to the Intake Formli made in step 1. On the third block, select the “Go-To” transition

2. Select the templated Formli that you made in step 2

3. Click Save Changes

Step 4 - Test the nominator flow

Let's go through the complete flow of the nominator, starting with the intake Formli. You can also follow along by completing the Intake Formli here:

When redirected to the second Formli, the URL does not change—but once the responder reaches the Thank You page after completing the second Formli, they will be given a link to the second Formli featuring a unique parent session id. For example, a unique variant link to the second Formli here is:

You now have a Shareable Variant Formli!

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