How it works

Using a Payment Block, you can collect payments or fundraise with Formli. Payment Blocks can be customized by payment amount, data fields, and payment frequency (monthly, recurring, or one-time). Payments are primarily handled via our integration with Stripe.

This guide will walk you through all the basics needed to start your first fundraising campaign.

👉 This article assumes that you already have a Formli account. For more information on making a Formli, see here

Setup Guide

Step 1 - Create a new Formli Payment Block

1. Click the + Add New Block button on your Formli dashboard

If you’re adding a Payment Block to an already existing Formli, just click + Add New Block under the previous Block

You can also add new Blocks in the builder by clicking + Add New Block

Step 2 - Select the "Payment or Donation" Block type

1. Open the Block type drop down and select Payment or Donation

Step 3 - Specify the payment amounts and customize payment options

1. Add more than one amount by clicking + Add Option under the payment amount

2. Choose your preferred currency

3. Let users add a custom amount by clicking the Allow custom amount checkbox

4. Remove a payment option by clicking the red minus button

Step 4 - Further Payment Options

1. To collect payments via PayPal, go to the ‘Payment Options’ section and select PayPal, then enter the email associated with your PayPal account

2. Offer one-time payments, monthly recurring payments, or both in the “Payment Frequency” section

3. Formli defaults to one-time payments. Visit the “Default Frequency” section to personalize your default settings

4. Select This is a political donation when it applies

Step 5 - Customize submission buttons

1. To customize submission buttons, visit the “Customize Block style” tab

2. Here, you can customize the:

  • Button Color
  • Payment Amounts Button
  • Data Collection Button
  • Payment Checkout Button

In this example, we changed the Payment Amounts Button from “Continue” to “Go On”

Step 5 -  Save changes

1. Select Save Changes when you’re finished customizing your Formli

Step 7 -  Connect to Stripe

1. On your Formli Dashboard, you’ll now see a blue bar that says  “You recently created a Payment Block. In order to accept payment, you need to connect with Stripe.” Select connect with Stripe to get started. Once your Stripe account is created and verified, you will be ready to receive payments and payouts with Formli.

👉 For more information on Connecting Formli with Stripe, see here.