Send an email when someone completes your Formli

How it works

Email Actions enable you to send an email triggered by the completion of a Formli.

☝🏼 Emails are best sent from an email-authenticated domain. For a guide on how to authenticate your domain, see here

Setup Guide

👉 This article assumes that you have already made a Formli. For more information on how to make your first Formli, see here

Step 1 - Open the automations page

1. Click  ... More

2. Select Automations

Step 2 - Create a new action

1. Click  + Add New Event

2. Select an automation trigger. The default is Formli Completion, but you can also choose New Payment. For this example, we’ll stick with Formli Completion

3. Click Save

4. Click + New Action

Step 3 - Fill in the email fields

1. Select Send an email from the drop down. (Send an email is the default selection).

☝🏽 You can include responder information in any field on the "Edit Action" page. Type "[" to open the merge field selector, then select the Formli, Block, and Merge Field that you want to include. More on Merge Fields here

2. Fill in the "Send To" field with the desired email recipient.To send an email provided by a responder, type the "[" character to open the merge field selector, then select the Formli, block, and email.

3. Write an email subject

4. Write body textOnce again, feel free to merge in responder information by opening the merge field selector by typing "[".  You can also paste HTML code and add responder information directly to it.

5. Fill in "Sender Name"

6. Fill in "Sender Email"

Step 4 - Save your Email

1. Click Save

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