How it works

Data fields allow you to collect information from your responders with Data Collection and Payment Blocks. Fields can:

  • Come in multiple types, including names, dates, addresses, and employment information
  • Have customizable names
  • Be required or optional
  • Be reordered

This guide offers everything you need to get started with custom data fields.

  1. Making new fields
  2. Changing the type and name of a field
  3. Making fields required vs. optional
  4. Reordering fields
  5. Using merge fields in data field names
  6. Deleting fields
☝🏼 For Zapier: custom data fields are included in version 1.5 or above. (older versions are still active, but will not include custom data fields). For more on using Zapier, see here
👉 This article assumes that you have already made a Formli. For more information on how to make your first Formli, see here

Setup Guide

Step 1 - Make a Data Field Block

1. Click on the Block Type drop down menu

2. Select Data Fields

Step 2 - Customize data field

1. Click + Add New Data Field

2. View options for your data field with the Type drop down menu

3. Select the field type that you wish to use. For this example, I selected the type "Full name"

4. The field name will change to reflect the type you’ve selected. To change the name of your field,  click directly in the Field Name box and type. Here, I changed the field name from "Full name" to "Your full name".

5. Once you’ve chosen your field's type and name, save your Formli by clicking Save Field

Step 3 - Make a field required

1. Click anywhere on a field to open the field settings

2. Click on the Required Field toggle to turn on or off. If the toggle is on, responders must enter the required information to submit your Formli.

3. Save changes by clicking Save Field

4. An asterisk ( * ) will appear next to any required data field type

Step 4 - Removing data fields

1. Click anywhere on a field to open field settings, or click the ...

2. In the drop down menu, click Delete

3. Confirm deletion

Step 5 - Reorder your fields

To reorder your fields, click and drag the icon on the left-hand side of a field

Note: if you’ve received responses prior to reordering, the order of columns in the Formli's exports will not be changed.

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