Want to change the placement of the block prompt using margins?

How it works

Formli uses margin % to set the container size, placement, and text size of your block prompt. Changing the margins on your block can be useful in getting the text laid out exactly the way you'd like it!

πŸ‘‰ The text size is dynamically determined, so anything you type will expand to fit the area of your prompt container.

The Margin settings can be found within the Block Prompt section. There is a box with a 'T' representing the text itself and numbers representing the top, left, right, and bottom margin numbers.

The default margin %’s are:

  • Top: 8
  • Left: 4
  • Right: 4
  • Bottom: 60

Setup Guide

For this example we will be changing the default numbers to Top: 18, Left: 4, Right: 4, and Bottom: 6.

Default State

Example State

πŸ‘‰ This guide assumes that you have a Formli already made, for more information on how to make your own Formli, see here

Step 1 - Go to Margin settings

1. Go to the settings tab and type something in the block prompt

2. Scroll down to Prompt Settings - which can be found in between Block Font and Font Size Limits

Step 2 - Change the Margin %’s to your liking

1. Lets start at the top, changing the default margin from 8 to 18

2. Now lets change the right margin of the text to 14 from 4

3. Now let change the left margin of the text from 4 to 14 as well

4. Now we can change the bottom margin from 60 to 6

Now that you know how to change the margins for your text, go ahead and customize it anyway you'd like!

Be sure to Save Changes after you're happy!

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