Authenticate your domain to send emails with Formli

How it works

Emails can be sent from Formli using email actions. To effectively specify the Sender Email, you will need to authenticate your email. This is done by recording Formli provided CNAMEs with your domain host.

This article will walk you through the process of creating and verifying your domain.

☝🏼 For a guide on setting up an email action, see here
☝🏼 This guide assumes that you already have a verified domain. For more on hosting your own URL, see here

Setup Guide

This guide assumes that you own a domain and have access to the domain host to enter in new CNAME records for your subdomain (see Step 3). This guide will walkthrough using Google Domains as the host, but other providers (such as DNS simple) will also work.

Step 1 - Generate Email Records

1. Go to Account Settings in the profile drop down

2. Click Domain Authentication

3. Select the domain you want to use

4. Click on  Generate Email Records

Step 2   - Record the CNAMES with your domain's host

Open a new tab in your browser and log into your account on your domain host.

1. Click on the domain you will be using

2. Open your DNS settings

3. Scroll down to the "Custom resource records" section (this is where we will enter the CNAMES)

4. Change the resource type to "CNAME" (Google's default type is "A")

5. Return to Formli and copy the first  CNAME "Host" code by clicking the top left copy button

6. Return to your Domain Host and paste the text into the "Host" box (Google Domains has an "@" in this box). Remember to remove the extra name (in this example, we’ll remove “

7. Return to the Formli tab and copy the first  CNAME "Value" code by clicking the top left copy button

8. Return to your Domain Host and paste the text into the “Value" box

9. Click Save

10. Repeat steps 6-12 for the second Email CNAME record.

11. Repeat steps 6-12 for the third Email CNAME record.

Step 3 - Verify the domain

1. Return to the Formli DNS records page and click the Verify button in the top right

👉 If you get an error, you can click Verify again—sometimes it takes a few seconds for the record to be verified. If you still have an error, you should double check that you entered your CNAME information correctly into the Domain host.

2. Once all 3 CNAMEs have the green "Verified" status, your domain is ready to send authenticated emails

Step 4 - Return to Domain Authentication

1. Press back in the top left of the DNS Records page

2. View your domain in the list. You should see a green check in the email icon on the domain, indicating that the domain is ready to used!

☝🏼 For a walkthrough on creating an email action, see here.

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