How it works

Lightbox is an awesome way to embed an Formli onto your webpage. Upon the interaction with an element, like a button,  your Formli will appear at the center of a webpage with a shaded background.

Layout options for embedding Formli as a Lightbox:

  • Fixed
  • Fixed lightboxes have static width and height with mobile dimensions.
  • Responsive
  • Responsive lightboxes adjust based on the device width.

Setup Guide:

Step 1 - Go to embed settings

1. Select the Formli you’d like to embed and click ... More

2. Select <> Embed on website

Step 2 - Copy code

1. Click Lightbox

2. Choose between a fixed or responsive layout

Step 3 - Paste to Squarespace

1. Copy the first part the hyperlink code

2. Go to Squarespace site settings and click Edit

3. Click the + in the upper right corner

4. Select </> code

5. Delete “Hello, World!” and replace with your Formli code

6. Return to the Formli and copy the second part of the code

7. Paste the second part of your code into Squarespace

8. In the upper left corner, click Save

Nice! Your website now has a lightbox Formli that triggers from an element on your site.