How it works

By selecting the “Floating Button” option when embedding, you can make your own pop-up widget on your website.

For the Floating Button widget, there are a few options that you can customize:

  • Call to Action (CTA)
    - Customize what the Floating Button widget says
  • Background color
  • Widget Version
    - Graphic only
    - Text only
    - Both
  • Position
    - Bottom Left
    - Bottom Right

There are also “Basic Javascript” and “Single Page apps” depending on which kind of code you need.

☝🏼 For "Single Page apps":
1. Copy the code from first code snippet section "COPY & PASTE CODE BEFORE </HEAD> TAG"
2. Open the admin dashboard of your website and go to the "Settings → Advanced → Code Injection"
3. Paste the code snippet from clipboard into the bottom of "HEADER" section and press "Save"
4. Go back to the Formli embed settings and copy the code snippet from second section "COPY & PASTE CODE INTO THE PAGE <BODY>"
5. Open the page where you want to see widget
6. Click on "Edit" mode.
7. Add new "Code" content block.
8. Save
9. Refresh
Basic Javascript
Single Page apps
💡 To figure out what widget version you need, open the admin dashboard of your website and go to Design → Site Styles. Under "SITE: LOADING", you will see radio button for option "Enable Ajax Loading". If it's turned on,  you need the "Single-Page Apps" widget version.

Setup Guide

Step 1 - Go to embed settings

1. Select the Formli you’d like to embed and click ... More

2. Select <> Embed on website

3. Select Floating Button

Step 2 - Copy code

1. Customize your display

2. Click Copy Code

Step 3 -  Paste to Squarespace

1. Go to your Squarespace site settings and Click Edit

2. Click the + in the upper right corner

3. Select </> code

4. Delete “Hello, World!” and replace with your Formli code

5. In the upper left corner, click Save

6. Refresh page and test it out!