How it works

“Go to” is a type of Formli transition that sends responders to another Block (within the same Formli or a different one) without changing what URL the responder sees.

“Go to” transition will keep a responder’s session active, so you can use merged information from earlier in their response.

👉 If you are interested in more information about conditionals, see here.
👉 This guide assumes that you have already made a Formli. For more information on making a Formli, see here.

Setup Guide

Step 1 - Go to the Formli Builder

1. Go to the Formli Builder. (You can also do this from the Formli Overview page).

Step 2 - Change the transition type

1. Click on the orange box below the Block that you’d like to trigger a transition. Change the transition from “Next” to Go To.

Step 3 - Select the second Formli

1. Click on the Select a Block prompt, then choose the Formli you’d like to responders to see upon the transition

2. Select a specific Block within your chosen Formli

3. Click save changes

4. “Go to” will now be the transition for the first Block. Now the 1st Block (Herb Plants) will “go to” the 3rd Block (Veggie Plants).

You have successfully set up a "go to" transition between two Formlis.

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