How it works

Formli supports URL parameters, also known as UTM codes, as a way to track conversions.

URL parameters are snippets of text added to the end of a URL to track where website traffic comes and helps marketers measure success using various metrics.

👉 For more information on URL parameters:
A simple tool to build your URLs with UTM codes:

To successfully track conversions using UTM parameters in Formli:

  1. Build your URLs with UTM codes using external tools
  2. Set up the hidden fields on the relevant Formlis
  3. Include the specific URLs on each channel, campaign, or ad

Setup Guide

👉 This article assumes that you have already made a Formli. For more information on how to make your first Formli, see here

Step 1 - Go to hidden fields in Formli settings

1. Go to your Formli and click More

2. Select Edit Settings

3. Select Hidden Fields

Step 2 - Add the URL parameters

1. Add your URL parameter into the text box. You can also create your own fields—the system will start tracking these fields when a user views your Formli.

2. To add more URL parameters, click + Add Parameter

3. When you've added them all, click Save Changes

Step 3 - Verify URL parameters:

1. View the Formli

2. Open the Formli link, making sure it has the URL parameters. Or, fill out the information using this link, then copy and paste the URL in a new tab.

3. After filling out the Formli,  go to …More, then Export responses

4. Go google sheets. You should now see hidden fields.

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