How it works

Using the Data Fields Block Type or Payment Block Type gives you the opportunity to collect specific responder information. You can choose for whether or not you want a specific information to be required for submission.

By default, all fields are optional on Data Field Blocks. For Payment Blocks, Name and Email fields must be required and turned on.

You can always edit a required field in data field settings.

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a "Data fields" block with the "Full name" and "Email" fields required

Setup Guide

Step 1 - Make a Data Field Block

1. Once you've created a Block, find the Block Type dropdown

2. Select Data Fields. (Payment Block Type will also work for this tutorial, the only difference being that Name and Email fields must be on and required).

Step 2 - Add a new field

1. To add a new field, click the + Add Data Field button

2. Choose a field

3. Name your field, or keep its default name

Step 3 - Make fields required

1. Click on the Required Field toggle to turn it on

2. Click the Save Field button. An asterisk will appear next to required fields.

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