Making your first Formli  ?

How it works

Formli is an app with multiple blocks to help best describe what you want to present to the world. Through 6 types of blocks:

  • Free Response. Users can reply through, text, uploading media, or video
  • Payment or Donation. Users can choose a payment amount (or their own option if applicable)
  • Content. This is a page that will be displayed for a set amount of time (between 1 and 20 seconds)
  • Multiple Choice. Users can choose an answer (or if settings allow) make one or more selection or input their own answer
  • Data Fields. Users can fill out information for the creator to collect (can make the field required)
  • Yes/No. Users can choose 1 of 3 choices for the responder to choose from Yes, No or Unsure

This guide will help pick out which block you would like for presenting your Formli to the world.

Setup Guide

Step 1 - Make a new Formli

1. Click on + New Formli

2. Click Start from scratch (for now, we can use a template later)
Templates are pre-made Experiences that you can customize so that you don't have to start from scratch every time you make an Formli with similar details.

3. You can rename you Formli by simply clicking on the Untitled Formli (date)(time) and typing in your new name

Step 2 - Make a new Block

1. Click + Add New Block

2. Click on the drop down menu under TYPE to choose which block you would like (Free Response, Payment or donation, Yes/No, Content, Multiple choice, or Data fields)

You can now create, edit, upload pictures and save changes to your Formli blocks :

  • Free Response
  • Payment or Donation
  • Content
  • Multiple Choice
  • Data Fields
  • Yes/No

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