Direct responders to an external URL.

How it works

The “redirect” transition is great for bringing users to a company site, FAQ, or any other website away from Formli. This guide will walk you through setting up a redirect to an external URL.

👉🏽 Redirect can also be used to create Shareable Variants (Templates). More here.
👉 If you are interested in more information about conditionals, see here.
👉 This guide assumes that you’ve already made a Formli. For more information on making a Formli, see here.

Set Up Guide:

Step 1 - Go to the Formli Builder

1. Go to the Formli Builder. You can also do this from the Formli Overview page.

2. Click on the orange box below the Block that you’d like to trigger a transition. Change the transition from “Next” to Redirect.

Step 2 - Paste URL

1. Paste the destination link into the “redirect URL” field

Step 3 - Save

1. Click the Save Changes button

2. The orange button on the bottom of the Block should now say Redirect

Nice! You have successfully set up a "redirect" transition!