How it works

Recurring payments are a great way to create long term supporters.

You can use Zapier and the "New Payments" Zap trigger to send receipts using an email provider whenever a payment occurs in Formli.

☝🏽 a Zap will happen when the charge is made, not when the response is finished.

Using a filter on your Zap will let you choose which payments (first, recurring, or all) should trigger a receipt. By default, "New Payment" Zaps will send for all payments, first and recurring.

☝🏼 To use the Formli integration for Zapier, you must request access. Contact to make it happen.

This guide assumes that you already have an Formli with monthly recurring payments created.

⚠️ In April 2021 we updated from Version 1.4 to 1.5. The current version is Version 1.5.0. While 1.4 still works, if you want to use custom data fields, you must use version 1.5.

Setup Guide

Step 1 - Create a Zap to trigger for new payments on your Formli

1. Create a new Zap on Zapier

2. Choose Formli (1.5.0)

3. Set New Payment as the trigger event

4. Click Continue

5. Choose your Formli account. You may have to reconnect the account by clicking please reconnect it here, then logging into Formli.

6. Select the payment Formli that you’d like to trigger a Zap

7. Click Continue

8. Select Test trigger and Zapier will use a payment to show that it is connected correctly

9. Click Test Trigger

10. After you see the green check mark, you can click Continue

Step 2 - Use Zapier filter to designate when emails should send

☝🏻 This step will configure a filter so the Zap will only trigger in certain cases. Common scenarios for conditional Zaps include:
- only recurring payments (but not the first payment)
- only the first payment
- one email for the first payment, and a different email for subsequent payments

If you’re happy with receiving the same email for the first and all subsequent payments, you will not need a filter, and can skip this step.

1. For the second action, select Filter

2. In the "choose field..." box, type and select recurrence number

3. Now, set the condition for your desired functionality.
3A:  If you only want to send receipts for recurring payments, but not the first payment, set the condition so that the recurrence number is greater than 1.

3B: If you only want a receipt for the first payment, change the condition so that the recurrence number is less than 2.

4. Click Continue to complete the filter, then press the plus sign to make a new step and set up the email

Step 3 - Make email action and include relevant information

1. Select your desired email app

2. For "action event", select send email and then press continue

3. Select or add your desired email address and press continue

4. Fill in the email information. The "To" and "Subject" boxes are required, but other fields are optional. The “From” will default to the primary address if one is not added.

5. For the email body, you can insert data from the drop down menu. You will likely want to include some relevant fields from Formli such as formli name, payer name and email, payment type, amount paid, total amount paid, recurrence number, and the Stripe Charge ID.

6. Click Continue

7. Click Test and Continue. You should receive a test email at your specified address.

8. Click Publish Zap

9. Click Publish & Turn On. You will now receive email receipts for recurring payments processed by Formli!